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One Call for Your PRECIOUS Lives.
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      Who We Are?

      Fulfilled. Proficient. Ingenious.

      One Ambulance Service’s unwavering and skilled paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in Hyderabad achieve extraordinary patient care and customer service in a trustworthy, adept, and favorable manner.

      Our team In Hyderabad will always approach you with clemency and regard, no matter what your obligations are. Whether Basic or Advanced Life Support, Critical-Care Transport, or Non-medical transport, One Ambulance Service in Hyderabad guarantees the patient’s most eminent level of assistance and attention.

      Fastest Ambulance Services in Hyderabad

      Why One Ambulance ?


      Multiple years track record of triumphantly granting ambulance and emergency medical care in Hyderabad.

      Available 24/7

      Call Us For a Response in a Jiffy. We are on our toes throughout the day, ready to help.


      Implementing comprehensive emergency outlining, assistance, and preparation to our believed allies.

      Clients on Top

      We’ll operate intimately with you and manage a solution-driven ‘client first’ focus, no matter what.


      Consistently developing and executing state-of-the-art machinery, information and procedures in Hyderabad.

      Taking Ownership

      We empower ourselves and assume accountability for our actions. We are only analytical of ourselves, not others.

      A good word means a lot

      Client testimonials

      It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of ours client testimonials.

      I was frantically looking for an ambulance for my brother. He had a low oxygen level in the oximeter. After some searching, I found One Ambulance. Trust me, if they were not there, I would have lost my brother.

      Their Ventilator Ambulance came in 20 minutes! The need for Oxygen availability Ambulance reached us so quickly! Thank you so much One Ambulance. Best Private Ambulance Hyderabad has right now.

      My husband suffered from a Heart Attack in the middle of the night. After waiting for the normal ambulance, my friend recommended One Ambulance in Secunderabad.

      They reached in 15 minutes once I called. They are the best ambulance service near me. With only a small price, they provided the emergency services we had wished for. My husband survived because of their prompt action on time! Best Private Ambulance service I have seen.


      I love the price of this One Ambulance in Secunderabad. I thought they would charge so much. But it was less than I expected.

      They provided the Air Ambulance service really quickly. If not for their Air Ambulance, things would have been very scary. Thank you so much One Ambulance for your help.

      Choose Your Ambulance Type

      Ambulance Type

      Advanced Life Support (ALS)

      A paramedic and an Emergency Medical Technician were in the advanced life support ambulance In Hyderabad. The ambulance has airway rescue devices, heart life support, cardiac monitoring, and a glucose-measuring unit. Medication is also carried on board the ALS ambulance.

      Patients in an ALS ambulance need a higher degree of medical monitoring, such as those who require continuous IV drips, those on a chronic ventilator, and those that need cardiac supervision. Call us for a quick response for a private ambulance in Hyderabad.

      Basic Life Support (BLS)

      Basic life support transport is staffed by EMTs & is for people with lower extremity trauma, patients transported to sub-acute care hospitals or discharged to home care, psychiatric patients, and other non-emergency medical transportation.

      BLS emergency services in Hyderabad are not required to do certain operations that deal with nursing endeavors for patients, such as delivering vaccines or administering medications. One Ambulance provides the best private ambulance service in Hyderabad as well as Secunderabad.

      Patient Transport Service (PTS)

      In non-emergency cases, Patient Transport Service is a facility that transports people to and from hospital centers. In Hyderabad, the use of private ambulances, for this reason, is quite vital.

      It is usually given to a patient who has to be transported to a hospital that can offer a higher or more advanced quality of treatment, but if the situation is critical, emergency responders can be called.

      It may also be used to move patients from a specialist clinic to a nearby hospital or nursing home where they no longer need this level of treatment, such as after a successful cardiac catheterization due to a heart attack.

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      One Ambulance. One Call.

      One Ambulance. One Call.

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